Yogijis Vegetarian Eggless Omelette Mix 150g

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Yogijis Vegetarian Eggless Omelette Mix 150g


1.       Take 2 tablespoons of Egg free Omelette Mix

2.       Whisk with four tablespoons of cold water and two tablespoons of milk (mix well)

3.       Whisk until a creamy smooth texture is achieved

4.       Pour mix straight away (do not leave to rest) into a slightly greased heated non-stick pan

5.       Once the mixture is slightly cooked and bubbles start to form on the omelette, add any precooked vegetables                                                        (eg: peppers, mushrooms or tomatoes etc.) add cheese if required

6.        Finish cooking under the grill until golden brown

For Scrambling pour the mixture into the pan and stir gently with a fork – add vegetables to taste.

Ingredients Declaration:

Dairy Proteins

Nutritional Information (g/100g):

Energy kJ 1584/Kcal 373.85 Protein (g) 54.66 Carbohydrate (g)32.6 Of which sugars (g)32.6 Fat (g) 3.0 Of which saturates (g) 1.5 Monounsaturates (g) 0.15 Polyunsaturates (g) 0.70

Stability/Diet Vegetarian Yes, Vegan No, Lactose Intolerant No, Lacto Vegetarian Yes, Ovo Vegetarian No, Coeliac Yes, Organic No.

Allergen advice: "not suitable for nut allergy sufferers   made in a factory where nuts are handled" .

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