Falafel Easy Mix 800g

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Falafel Dry Mix 
 Three easy steps: Add Water. Mix Well. Ready to Fry or Bake.
The Falafel mix is flour free, without additions, preservatives and cholesterol.
We offer two sizes; one for the small caterer/shop and the other for the larger sized caterer. 

Key benefits include fresh Falafels with no wastage - use only as much mix as required.

·         Save money - no need to hire a professional chef
·         Consistency in taste and texture
·         Budgeting - Calculate your costs exactly and with minimum depreciation
·         Prepare Fresh falafel mix minutes before frying
·         Save time in purchasing materials and mix preparation
·         Long shelf-life
·         Easy storage
All packaging have barcodes on the bags and on the boxes. 
Certifications - HACCP, ISO, GNP and BRC.
Our unique mix will come soon in a large variety of flavours including: -
Peri Peri, Chili and Lemon, Carrot and Coriander, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Beetroot, Spinach and Hot Green Jalapeno.

Two pack sizes are available: -
800g single packs. 12 packs per box. Total weight 9.6kg per box (100 boxes per pallet).
10kg for the larger sized caterer - one large bag in the box (100 boxes per pallet).

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